candy man(12.191.154.*) Post:2014/5/24 22:30:34
Am building low-power Fm Radio station.I need a 300w transmitter I would like to pay by bank trasfer
Reply to:ok, you can pay by bank transfer. do you need antenna and coaxial cable for the 350W FM Transmitter ?
edgard(190.43.168.*) Post:2012/4/6 5:12:33
good morningThe total price would be for my country, Peru, and if they can send by DHLAnd I can Pay for western union? What would the total price?thanks
Reply to:Hi , the total price for this 300W FM Transmitter is 1680 USD including DHL shipping cost to Peru. We can send to you with DHL, and you can pay us with western union. For more details , please send email to , thanks

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