dany(92.80.155.*) Post:2013/3/22 5:58:58
How many meters is antenna cable?
Reply to:the antenna cable is 8meters
Greg(74.71.103.*) Post:2012/8/8 17:25:16
Does the antenna require tuning for frequency?
Reply to:this antenna can not tune frequencyour DP-100 antenna and GP-100 antenna can tune frequency from 88 to 108mhz
Geir(80.203.142.*) Post:2012/7/12 11:51:39
Hi i wold like to order a 15W CZH-15A FM stereo PLL broadcast transmitter FM exciter 88Mhz - 108Mhz car suker antenna car powersupply Kit cover 2KM-4KMI live in Norway what about custom. If i pay by Visa, can you send it like a giftRegards Geir
Reply to:YES, you can pay us with visa credit card, after you pay, we can send the products to you immediately with DHL.DHL will help you to clear the custom and I will send it like a gift and declare about 35USD to the custom to avoid the custom
Waldi(109.91.241.*) Post:2012/5/12 7:42:53
Give it known problems with the german customs?
Reply to:Hi Waldi,We sent many packages to Germany.We can send this products to you with DHL.DHL will help you to clear the custom.And we will delcare a lower value to the custom, so they will not charge you much Tax.
ricot(108.49.8.*) Post:2012/4/18 21:22:44
i need 1/4 inch antena for my out put power0f 350watt
Reply to:1/4 wave GP antenna can not for the out put power rf 350watt. Our DP200 dipole antenna can for the out put power 0watt to 1000watt. Thanks
javier(186.113.231.*) Post:2012/3/28 21:54:48
Yo hablo espaol. Como hago para traer a Colombia unos equipos de 15 y 30 vatios, con el kit completo. GRACIAS
Reply to:Vamos a enviar los productos a los que con DHL, usted puede recibir dentro de 7 días después del pago abonado
kyle(24.202.230.*) Post:2012/3/25 11:22:02
Yes, I would like to purchase only the antenna and BNC connecting platform. Do you sell it alone? And how much will it cots?ThanksKyle
Reply to:YES, you can only buy the antenna and BNC connector from us.We can sell it alone, the price for this antenna is 49USD including shipping cost

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