Doug(222.154.119.*) Post:2013/3/5 22:41:08
G'day Sales .Do you use FEDEX freight systems ???
Reply to:YES, we send the products to you Fedex
wikiR(162.15.7.*) Post:2013/1/8 9:27:52
Hola, quiero adquirir este producto cuantos das llegara a Lima Per. estoy muy interesado!.saludos.
Reply to:After you pay, we will send to you with DHLYou can receive within 7days
Negro(186.81.68.*) Post:2012/7/7 12:50:25
Hola cordial saludo. Cuanto das se demora en ser enviado a Medellin Colombia?
Reply to:Vamos a enviar los productos a los que con DHL, usted puede recibir dentro de 7 días.
giovanni(2.40.120.*) Post:2012/5/6 3:27:55
salve quanto tempo ci vuole per spedire in Italia ???prejudice how long does it take to ship to Italy??
Reply to:After paying , we will send to you with DHL, you can receive within 7days
djmax658(201.22.45.*) Post:2012/4/27 20:33:54
hello .like this today I bought one for me, the transmitter is 7watts, comes from China to Brazil, my name is J. absolutely meansomething else, plug the flash drive directly into the transmitterfantastic, I pray for all transmitters.
Reply to:Thank you so much, we have sent out to you with EMS.
skippy(70.62.168.*) Post:2012/4/26 8:44:50
is this a 15 watt transmitter is it legal in us
Reply to:yes, it is legal, just get the license from the goverment
skippy(70.62.168.*) Post:2012/4/26 8:44:30
is this a 15 watt transmitter is it legal in the usa
Reply to:We have many customers from USA bought this 15watt fm transmitter.
adrian(125.165.82.*) Post:2012/4/24 22:19:06
for SDA15B,last we buying ones and when the output nearly maximum approx 13watt,are producing rf harmonics quiet big to next others station???how to stop it...thanks Adrian-Jakarta
Reply to:you can change it to other frequencies to try
BKELECTRON(196.47.168.*) Post:2012/4/20 4:46:53
Faite moi parvenir le prix de cette metteur ST-15 M FM.Est il possible de brancher derrire un ampli.
Reply to:El precio de ST-15M FM Transmitter es 220USD incluidos los gastos de envío
junu(59.103.24.*) Post:2012/4/16 13:16:20
saller contic in pakistan
Reply to:We do not have reseller in pakistan.But we can send the products to pakistan with DHL You can receive within 7days

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