chimer(41.219.31.*) Post:2014/3/1 5:41:10
its about my order can i have an answer
Reply to:Hi my friend,I have checked your email and did not find your order, what you have order from us ? Which email you contact with me ?
Don(96.58.103.*) Post:2013/11/4 14:48:25
I need the user manual and computer software for SDA-15B
Reply to:visit below link to download the manual and
Ravikumar(182.156.94.*) Post:2013/7/30 11:24:24
Hi sir iam india tamil nadu 15b gp200 1/2 wave bmtenna power kit us price 288 and indiam mani price ples set mail and this fm km rang
Reply to:YES, the price is 288USD including shipping cost , it can cover about 3KM
ijaz(115.167.63.*) Post:2013/6/8 11:21:39
Wonderful all accessories, I want to purchase this one so kindly guide me at my email address,
Reply to:Thank you my friend, I have sent email to you, please check your email box
shadrack(196.0.7.*) Post:2013/5/13 6:22:19
How do you adjust to the frequency of ones interest then what are the does and don'ts ,the warrent and Durability of the TX do you have other antennas one can use to increase on the coverage thanks so much
Reply to:we will have a manul to tell you how to adjust the frequency , the warrany is one year , this DP100 dipole antenna is the best antenna for this transmitter to increase the coverage
Peter(122.58.140.*) Post:2012/8/8 13:33:49
Hi there. I have just ordered and paid for the SDA-15B 15W FM transmitter. As I am in New Zealand I would like the 240volt power supply please.I look forward to getting the transmitter.Regards to youPeter
Reply to:We have sent out the package with DHLYou must have received it
Peter(122.58.141.*) Post:2012/8/6 2:23:49
Hi, I am in New Zealand. Would the power supply be 240volt? also due to servicing problems i have had witht eh CZH-15A Can a circuit diagram be supplied with the item so we can get it repaired over here if required please?
Reply to:the power supply is 15V 4A You can send back the CZH-15A to us and we can repair for you
Gaurav(117.254.10.*) Post:2012/7/13 7:46:35
what about $200 including shipping to india
Reply to:The price is 288USD including DHL shipping cost to all the counries. As india shipping cost is too high, we can not give you discount any more.

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