khel973(99.110.197.*) Post:2013/6/18 22:49:45
what is connector on antenna without the cable? i would like to use lmr-400 cable and n connector instead of SYV-50-7. i can make pl259 on lmr400 one end and n on other if that is the connector.
Reply to:the antenna without cable connector is SL16-K
WHING(37.240.67.*) Post:2012/7/6 15:23:24
cAN I oRDER 8Pcs of That Circularly polarized FM antenna?if yes ,How much 8pcs?
Reply to:I will email to you about the details
Frantz(66.77.140.*) Post:2012/6/13 4:39:25
are the antenna and the FM receiver included on the purchase and it is included how far can the receiver broadcast
Reply to:the package only include 20pcs antenna. Not include receiver. Do you need receiver for it ?

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