CRteleradi(186.119.8.*) Post:2013/7/26 21:30:15
me interesa PCB 4_5 Vatios de potencia estereo FM, para ensamblar equipos con exitador fabricado por ustedes. la potencia la fabrico en mi empresa, me puede enviar caracteristicas y precio.espero tener negocio en grande Oscar caicedo
Reply to:OK, please send details to me at
Felix(91.52.15.*) Post:2013/6/12 13:36:02
Can you send that package also via EMS or DHL to Germany as I need it until the 24th of Juni?
Reply to:yes, we can send with EMS or DHL , but this price is only include the post airmail shipping, if send with EMS or DHL, you need to add about 25USD shipping cost
thomas sei(85.4.222.*) Post:2013/5/5 3:38:34
hallo, ich wre an folgenden artikel interessiert:- CZH-T200 0.2W (mit zwei batterien)- USB FM transmitter wireless sound card stereo 7.1 channel 300meters (2 Stck)gibt es auch rabatt?wie hoch sind die versandkosten in die schweiz?gruss seiler thomas
Reply to:If you buy two pieces, the price we can gave you at 55usd *2 = 110usd including shipping cost
Carl(80.216.139.*) Post:2013/1/31 18:42:11
Hello I am interested in the CZH-T200 0.2W Portable Mini FM Transmitter.Is it possible to ship this to Sweden, and how much would it cost me? Sincerely,Carl
Reply to:yes, we can ship to SwedenThe price total is 58.99USD including shipping cost

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