8 wood of antenna of 5 unit FM make

   Aerial is the tool that receiver takes signal, use 8 wood for the most part with the antenna that receives at long-range FM broadcasting (YAGI) antenna, the unit number of 8 wood antenna receives an effect receive range, unit number is more, criterion direction is acerber, gain is taller, vertical distance is further.
     FM broadcasting frequency of China paragraph for 87.5-108MHZ, and the central frequency of 5 channel is TV 88MHZ, so 5 channel antenna agrees with basically long-range FM broadcasting is received. Lover can buy antenna of 5 channel TV to substitute, after tall lover can change antenna of 5 channel TV slightly, the requirement is used. I suggest those who use 5 unit is good, it has taller gain, and volume is not large. Common 5 channel 5 unit 8 wood antenna just more than 10 yuan, after buying, alter the most economical. 

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     I introduce a few processing techniques of my use antenna under:
  1. Of aerial match a question, the output of general antenna is 300 Europe, and cable is 75 Europe more, impedance is different have to undertake matching, otherwise high frequency signal is transmitted very hard. Aerial matchs implement it is type of half transformer type and U annulus more, transformer type matchs implement make more complex, of line and magnetism annulus choose immediate impact to match coefficient. And the cable that type of half U annulus needs a paragraph of 75 Europe only is OK. When I apply, feel type of half U annulus is better.
  2. The tone we should like to ask of aerial is inscribed, installing fine day is not to have the effect that establishs lever to see a movie after the line, the ability after needing to undertake debugging has cannot think of justice the effect. The way that should want to receive broadcasting station certainly above all (because aerial is directional antenna) , aim the direction of aerial introduction broadcasting station direction. Try with receiver control broadcasting station, the height of a when seek corresponding way next the weakest signal adjustment antenna, after seeking the position with a the strongest signal, stay in aerial surely.
  3. The problem that use antenna amplifier should note, at present the aerial amplifier on the market is two 9018 combination more, because the working noise of 9018 is bigger, want " to have a fever " is best will 9018 convert canal of low a confusion of voices of C3358 or C3355. If use,unidentified digital sound appears on many frequency dot when amplifier (frequency pulse) the signal that disturbs other broadcasting station, the harmonic second birth of launcher of notify sb of a phone call causes this, it is the filter problem as a result of aerial amplifier, ) of filter of a BPF(88-108MHZ had better be added in input end, can tear open from old frequency modulation radio (appearance is like) of TV 6.5MHZ filter. Yi Ke increases the electric capacity of a 5-45P rightly before the coupling capacitance of amplifier of the first class.
  4. The connect of aerial and cable should notice antirust, average span is in aerial weather station, insolation wind blows acquired line interface to rust very easily, meet those who affect the transmission of signal and antenna match so, make receive the effect to become poor. If have the antenna of day of line amplifier,make extremely easily amplifier self-excitation, had better get on interface besmear when aerial is installed antirust lacquer.
  5. When cable is installed, pull as far as possible do not coil together continuously, introduce house hind to had better be in the strong point that enter room to install an electrical outlet, when thundering can unplug very quickly below.
  6. Should notice to prevent thunder when aerial erect, high-level building has lightning rod commonly, avoiding Lei Fan is surrounded is with pinpoint the umbrella form space that becomes 45 degrees of part for origin and needle, aerial should be inside this space ability is safe.
  7. Of aerial maintain, because aerial suffers wind to blow, insolation, very quick meeting is oxidized after drench, time can wash aerial one year, I change one line paying a day one year. All interface of cable want to be cleaned with the alcohol of 95% euqally.
  8. The reflector of aerial, zhen Zihe director cannot guide with bracket, should use plastic separate!
  9. Head of major reception of a radio is 300 Europe input, can of the 300-75 Europe ahead of reception of a radio match implement disconnect 75 Europe interface.
        A frequency modulation receives a system was not to have fine day line, advanced cable has receive the result very well. Should be in however aerial, cable and receiver cooperate likelihood issueing ability each other. Have a fever like our acoustics same, phonic source, result put, wire, the effect that mutual collocation just has had sound box very much is same. The attention answers when we choose receiver, a lot of radioes on the market are at present unsuited undertake long-range frequency modulation receive, common miniature radio basically is a design to can control this locality and adjacent broadcasting station, it spends less time on harmonious craft, adjacent frequency processing is bad, it basically spends outer form to be designed. Head of common reception of a radio I think the hand is moved those who want the accent that compare number is good, head of current and homebred the common reception of a radio that count tone basically designs the function in it, is not the tall sensitivity that demands it, hand attune radio is the mature product of industry of our country nation, what head of reception of a radio of attune of apparent and ordinary hand moves than number is good. But a few homebred chance that count tone are good still, already can compare the United States with product of a few entrances. Discover in my use receiver of car frequency modulation has comparatived, be hand attune no matter still is several attune, its sensitivity and adjacent frequency processing are very good, intensity signal is in in 0.2MHZ is completely dissociable, main it was to use unifinication tuner, tuner of an organic whole unlike common tuning same with in put and stereo demodulation design is in same piece board on, produce additionally by professional manufacturer however, it no matter craft or technology are better. When use WALKMEN, what I think the hand is moved is better than what number moves, for instance the pine falls, love China, function of reception of a radio is very outstanding.

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