Antenna of 1/4 wavelengh GP

  In radio of course of study, the antenna of 1/4 wavelengh should be a kind of antenna with the simplest and not poor also effect so it has proportion of quite a few in radio group. Cite a case: If you have the antenna that the antenna on word patron wagon of the attention is 1/4 wavelengh for the most part, resemble the mobile telephone that is the 430MHZ that you are using, its aerial majority also is 1/4 wavelengh. Still you notice, telephone call of major action of hand-hold portable telephone also is the antenna of 1/4 wavelengh. From this knowable: The antenna of 1/4 wavelengh is the effect presence that has it absolutely. If you are not the word that has an idea to electronic respect, can you perhaps ask what is 1/4 wavelengh? Simple for it is unit of an antenna length, be will calculate with frequency, it has a formula:

The length of aerial (wavelengh) = 300 is divided multiply with frequency on 1/4 multiplying on 0.96(wavelengh shortens rate) be calculated namely come out the length of aerial (unit meter) cite a case for if you want to make the antenna of 144.00MHZ of a frequency, want above all first length of cipher out antenna, will calculate with respect to the formula of above face: (Meter of 300 / 144.00MHZ) * 0.25 * 0.96 = 0.5 ()

So we receive 0.5 meters namely the length of 50 centimeter, will be about to prepare data again, the copper that we prepare 5 50 centimeter with a M model contact (the 1) that be like a graph like that after uses iron M model main shaft and among them copper solder rise, again other with screw the lock is in 4 quadrilateral or it is solder on, again 4 are down 45 degrees each (if pursue 2)





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