Antenna of 30MHz coaxial earth mat long-range interphone

  This antenna uses aluminium alloy and coaxial cable structure, weight is light, tear open easily outfit, have aerial gain it is tall, good to match performance, frequency bandwidth, standing wave comparing is low and blast off goodly with receive performance. Aerial divides 30 million, 150 million to plant norms, can use as station of station of permanent fixed stage, stage of going from place to place and long-range walkie-talkie are used, special apply to unit of going from place to place and civil interphone to make net of remote, mobile, group, difference turn, the communication that decide a dot.
    1 . Technical data
    Way of this antenna work is complete to perpendicular polarization, working frequency 30 million or 150 million; Input impedance 75 Europe of 50 ~ , standing wave compares V. S. W. R < 1 . 3, aerial overall length (include line of aerial + make a present of) in all 20 meters.
    2. Use example
    Use at common interphone of 3 W frequency modulation, sensitivity 0. 8 μ V, use earth mat antenna to communicate, aerial wearing is tall not under 12 meters, decide 20 kilometer of bit of 15 ~ , mobile 15 kilometer of 10 ~ , use 10 ~ machine of 15 W table, distance of the biggest communication can amount to 50 ~ 2000 kilometer, this antenna can regard 28 ~ as 30 million frequency paragraph spare radio communication is online use.
    3. Erect note
    Aerial needs perpendicular erect, wood pole or bamboo pole are used when erect antenna, ban the lever that use iron, should leave tall building and high tension line, erect height communicates higher the distance is further.

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