Colinear GP and archetypal GP

ColinearGroundPlane, be called " papaya " the reason already cannot be taken an examination of, have in impression because of,saying is " milk of 500cc Chinese flowering quince " and come, the sort of number that uses because of most person is the long antenna of X-500, ; of close of this one word plays happen to and 500cc in those days radio is quite sensitive issue, be invited possibly not carefully to eat the meal that avoid money, everybody is used with respect to this Mo some " term of all corners of the country " ! Chinese may interpret is " with to ground level antenna " .

Say GroundPlane first: P of aim Hui 艳, namely aerial main body is perpendicular, base has a level to alleged " earth mat " one model aerial.


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The basiccest GP antenna is the component composition that uses 1/4 wavelengh, it is perpendicular aerial main body the earth mat that is 1/4 wavelengh level also is 1/4 wavelengh

Earth mat offerred simulative " the earth " , the inverted image of earth mat of Jie of perpendicular antenna main body produced afore-mentioned 1/4 wavelengh " perpendicular " " half wave idol extremely aerial " the effect.

And the included angle between earth mat and aerial main body and working frequency are concerned, the capacitance result that place of this included angle produces can affect aerial job frequency, that is to say same the antenna that supports measure, because included angle is different,meet, and have distinct frequency effect.

Talk about Colinear again: Strange green jade illuminate tip of flesh of ざ of Lie Xiao Mi Mou slaughters? of straight Xi of gum children's hair to still have wavelengh of 1/2 wavelengh 5/8 commonly, these a few kinds are to suit his to start work most the range that make, need not add defect wave coil namely or turn over labyrinthian, and ColinearGP is " more than a paragraph " of some kind of length " perpendicular antenna main body " string receive rise, in order to increase gain, say simply, resemble " batteries is strung together receive rise " manage in order to heighten tension together.

The length of perpendicular antenna main body grows after, an angle of fire of electric wave degree also follow " by squash " , the electric amplitude angle of fire of 1/4 wavelengh GP resembles about " sweet circle " , main body is strung together receive longer, the direction of electric wave resembles is " sweet circle " press flatlier in that way to horizontal dilate.

Be in Campagna area, colinearGP takes petty gain, can send electric wave because of it far, and 1/4 wavelengh GP is defeated by it very a lot of more.

But opposite, if you are not to be in Campagna area, or the small house in be in the city forest that cannot put aerial in high point personally, be like at this moment or use ColinearGP, the effect may be just the opposite to what one wished, because of ColinearGP electric wave (send and receive no matter) squeeze approach horizontal way, and 1/4 wavelengh GP can be handled however " go to about 45 degrees from the level " electric wave

Integrated and character, in certain place, with effect of 500 Chinese flowering quince very good, and nodding certainly, the likelihood should change 1/4 wave GP(or 1/2 wave GP... ) , casebycase!



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