FM-DV1 occasionally extremely child aerial





FM-DV1 occasionally extremely child aerial
Frequency limits 87.5-108MHz
Side registers mood small loss
Whole wave band launchs aerial
Perpendicular polarization
Stainless steel material is qualitative
Thunder of dc ground connection is protected


Electric function Mechanical function
Frequency limits 87.5-108MHz Dimension 1360X1060X60mm
Input impedance 50 Ω Weight 9Kg
Input interface L27-50K or 7/8 "
Most high-power capacity 2KW Wind carries on his shoulder or back 300N (wind speed 150Km/h)
VSWR <1.25 The biggest wind speed 225Km/h
Polarization form Perpendicular Material Brace up child: Stainless steel
Gain (photograph half-and-half wave brace up child) 1.5dB Clamping apparatus: Heat up dip zinc steel
Half power horn E- graph ± 40
H- graph ± 110
Inside conductor: Copper
Thunder protection Shed ground connection continuously Mast diameter 50-100mm

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Radiation graph Half Power Beamwidth

Return loss R Adiation Pattern At Mid Band (98MHz)
R Eturn Loss

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