Half semmetry brace up child marry join analysis

Graph 1 it is half semmetry brace up child cable deserves to accept a plan, because half brace up childThe input impedance that looked at 2 o'clock from AB is 73 Ω , two brace up child have symmetry rightly, reason A, B was 73/2=36.5 Ω respectively to the impedance of the ground at 2 o'clock. Graph 1 in the length = λ of AC of 75 Ω cable / 2+ λ / 4, the length = λ of BC / 4(λ expresses wavelengh) , so AC, BC has the effect that impedance alternates. The right impedance that B nods (36.5 Ω ) the impedance that classics cable BC alternates C is nodded is 75*75/36.5=154 Ω ; The right impedance that same A nods (36.5 Ω ) the impedance that classics cable AC alternates C is nodded also is 154 Ω , and because AC compares BC to grow λ / 2, still have the effect that alternates instead so, making sure A dot and the signal electricity that B burns are nodded to C thereby is inphase. Visible, the impedance that C nods is the paralell connection of two equivalent impedance, RC=154/2=77 Ω , cable can achieve the coaxial that right now line of make a present of uses 75 Ω to match goodly.

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