The 3rd tell mobile system antenna to install a standard

As a result of the swift and violent development of mobile, at present a lot of countrywide areas are put in the situation that much net coexists, namely net of A, B, G3 coexists, the G net that has some of area among them still includes GSM9000 and GSM1800. To make full use of resource, implementation resource is shared, we use antenna commonly in all the form of the tower. This installs a problem correctly with respect to what involve aerial, how to install ability to reduce the mutual effect between aerial as far as possible namely. In the project we spend index to measure with segregation commonly, normally requirement segregation is spent should be more than 30dB at least, to satisfy this requirement, often use make aerial is in the method that perpendicular direction is separated or separates in horizontal way, carry out a proof, when aerial span is identical, perpendicular installation can obtain bigger segregation to spend than horizontal installation.

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As a whole, the installation of aerial should note the following problems:

(1) the tower side installation of directional antenna: To reduce aerial iron tower the influence of directional to aerial graph, the attention answers when installing: The center of directional antenna is λ to the distance of iron tower / 4 or 3 λ / 4 when, can obtain the easiest tropism outside the tower.

(2) the tower side installation of omnidirectional antenna: To reduce aerial iron tower the influence of directional to aerial graph, iron tower of in principle antenna cannot become the reflector of aerial. Because this is in installation, aerial always should install Yu Leng horn to go up, and make of aerial and place of iron tower either the distance is more than λ recently.

(3) much antenna in all tower: Want to reduce different network to receive the coupling action between antenna of post a letter and mutual effect as far as possible, try to increase aerial mutual the segregation between is spent, best method is to increase mutual the distance between. Aerial in all when the tower, should preferential use perpendicular installation.

(4) the odd polarization antenna to the tradition (perpendicular polarization) , as a result of aerial between (RX-TX, TX-TX) segregation is spent (≥ 30dB) the requirement that divides collect technology with the space, ask to there are certain level and perpendicular and removed space between aerial, general and vertical distance is 50cm about, horizontal distance is 4.5m about, must increase capital construction investment at this moment, in order to enlarge the platform of installation antenna, and to double polarization antenna (± 45 ° polarization) , because the polarization orthogonality sex of 45 ° of ± can assure + 45 ° and - the segregation between two pairs of antenna spends 45 ° contented intermodulation leaves spent requirement to aerial interval (≥ 30dB) , because the dimensional interval between this double polarization antenna needs 20-30cm only, shift radical station need not need build iron tower, need to wear the Tie Zhu of 20cm of a diameter only, antenna of will double polarization is pressed enclothe direction to secure accordingly go up in Tie Zhu can.

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Brief summary
---Leave space of iron tower platform: > 1M
---Aerial span:
---Same Xiaoou distributes part receving antenna: > 3M
---Span of omnidirectional antenna level: > 4M
---Span of directional antenna level: > 2.5M
---Different platform antenna is perpendicular span: > 1M
---Send and receive aerial to divide manual specialize cannot convert finds a place for.
---Be in lightning rod to protect range inside.
---Aerial azimuth: To directional antenna, north of the first area slants east 60 degrees, direction of the 2nd Ou Zhengna, north of the 3rd area slants on the west 60 degrees.
---Aerial dip: Make sure aerial is actual dip angle accords with SE to design a requirement, the error is less than 2 degrees.
---Aerial verticality: Divide those who have aerial inclination base outside the station, the verticality that assures aerial is not more than 2 degrees.

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