The Study for the Dipole Antenna in Tag

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is one kind of the non-contact type automatic identification technology. Radio frequency identification system mainly is composed of tag and interrogator. It automatic diagnosis goal object and gain correlated data through the radio-frequency signals, the identification work does not need the manual intervention, and may work in various adverse circumstance.This article uses Ansoft HFSS which is electromagnetic field simulation software to do the analysis research of dipole antenna. The dipole antenna is most commonly used in tag design of the long-distance coupling RFID application system. All simulation analysis based on the 902-928MHz UHF frequency band and uses the passive tag.Firstly, the dipole antenna in tag design is classified for the thin- symmetrical oscillator dipole antenna, the cylindrical symmetry oscillator antenna, the folded dipole antenna, the bend dipole antenna, the short circle and open circle dipole antenna, and has respectively made the simulation and analysis on their electronic performance parameter, including the directive function, lobe pattern, antenna impedance, antenna gain, standing wave ratio, return loss and so on. The results of the simulation are that the bend dipole antenna has been able to reduce the size, the folded dipole antenna impedance is easily to reach, the electricity circlet shape of the short circle and the open circle dipole antenna influence really micro to the antenna electricity performance and so on.Secondly, take the thin- symmetrical oscillator dipole antenna as the example, the article has analyzed the line diameter, the fed point position, the curving angle to the electronic performance of the antenna. The simulation result indicated that, along with the line diameter, the fed point position, the change of the antenna curving angle, the antenna electricity performance parameter is following certain regularities too. These

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