The adjustment of satellitic antenna focal length

    The parameter that adjusts satellitic antenna focal length basically has part of azimuthal, angle of elevation, polarization these 3 parameter, among them azimuthal can be calculated with angle of elevation through receiving the longitude and latitude of seat come out. Polarization horn is a basis the signal polarization mode that receives a star will undertake installing, so these 3 parameter adjust groove easily. It is easy to there still is a people here the parameter of oversight, it is the focal length of aerial, generally speaking, if aerial is of a factory production, should show correct installation according to installation only so, the focal length of aerial is basic and correct. But if be antenna of a few a less known and inferior brand very it's hard to say, especially small-bore antenna, the focal position that how makes mouth of source of make a present of moves aerial theory well and truly to design is crucial place. Have the following 3 kinds of circumstances cause position of focus of deviate of mouth of source of make a present of:
1, source of make a present of dish dimension of strut bar geometry is abhorrent, accident is differ, fixed Kong Da slants.

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2, installation process antenna the degree of tightness of close solid bolt of each valve is different, make aerial is out of shape and become nonstandard paraboloid antenna.
3, antenna of a less known and inferior brand makes as a result of design and treatment problem deviate of its focal length.
   For example, the 1.5 make a present of before rice antenna that throw thing, its F/D (focal length diameter is compared) it is normally 0.4 the left and right sides, change cipher out from this, the design value of the focal length of this kind of antenna is 0.6M left and right sides. When installation debugs aerial, usable tape measure estimates focal distance, look to whether be controlled in 0.6 meters.
   It is OK to adopt following methods fast and exact mix allows focal length. After aerial is close on major bolt, source of close solid make a present of dish 3 bolt are fastened temporarily go up dead, let its have certain rotational room. When debugging focal length source of make a present of dish rotate right or towards the left rotates to be able to make focal length decrescent, if plan institute is shown. Because strut bar length is changeless, source of make a present of dish rotate to all can make sure mouth of source of make a present of is from beginning to end on the geometrical center axle of boiler, when strut bar is like graph A, focus is the biggest, plant in graph B, C2 decrescent of the focal length when the circumstance.
   When focus is apart from, can the biggest focus (graph A) turn to the smallest focal length (graph B, C) , in dextrorotation or source of left make a present of coming back dish in the process, find groove. This can be judged from inside receiving signal quality quota. Arrive from graph A graph B, C, having index of a bit signal surely among them is best, target of two upright signal is chosen in this addle.
   Of course, for accurate move aerial groove, still answer thin tone is azimuthal, angle of elevation, high frequency a source of opposite make a present of dish the position is crucial also, can push high frequency head or move piece, control rotational and high frequency head even to move accurate polarization part, in order to find optimal place, in all these after attentive all mix up, aerial calculates mix up.

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