The measurement technique that aerial standing wave compares

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    In aerial system, aerial and equipment deserve to receive good the parameter that we often call standing wave to compare with is measured to its, it is when standing wave comparing of 1 when, state this antenna system matchs good without reflection, such number is meant greatly more match a state to jump over difference, the existence in the system jumps over big reflection wave. How does that end measure the standing wave of aerial to compare? Here I introduce a kind of relatively simple and easy measure to everybody.
   Want to measure standing wave comparing to need a sweep generator, receive a law to be like graph 2-1, first the terminal line of make a present of (one aspect of the matter of close antenna system) short circuit, the signal that outputs as a result of sweep generator right now forms total reflection in the terminal of line of make a present of, observe weaveform of its total reflection is like graph 2-2 curve most it is A substantially, receive aerial the terminal of line of make a present of next, observe inside working frequency limits on sweep generator right now most be like graph 2-3 for B substantially, beg a reflection coefficient P=b/a first, can beg a standing wave comparing with type S=1+P/1-P next, the S in type states standing wave is compared.

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