What is the Dipole antenna ?

Dipole antenna used to transmit and receive a fixed frequency signal. Although the usual measurements using broadband antennas, but need to use a dipole antenna in the measurement of site attenuation and antenna factor. SCHWARZBECK dipole antenna frequency range from 30MHz ~ 4GHz. Which VHAP and UHAP of a set of precise dipole antenna is especially suitable for the measurement of site attenuation and antenna factor. The antenna is specified by standards bodies such as Japan VCCI anechoic chamber and open field site attenuation measurement of the only dedicated antenna. The antenna used in many laboratories, antenna as a laboratory standard.

The vertical antenna is actually a dipole antenna. The dipole antenna consists of two conductors, each 1/4 wavelength, the total length of the antenna for a half-wavelength. Dipole antenna is also called half-wave oscillator. Dipole antenna oscillator horizontal position, vertical position. Its pattern to the feeding point of symmetry. Feeding point in the center of the half-wave oscillator. The feed point impedance is purely resistive, approximate 75Ω (73Ω). If we extend the two 1/4 wavelength of the oscillator and then folded back to the center, and connected together into a folded dipole antenna, referred to as folding the oscillator. Folded dipole antenna impedance is purely resistive approximate 300Ω (about 290Ω), show a high input impedance, high impedance of the parallel feeder transmission antenna was applied on many occasions. Dipole antenna straight up, perpendicular to the ground, into a vertical antenna. If the "remove" the lower 1/4λ oscillator, as asymmetric vertical antenna. This is based on two assumptions: ① the ground for the "mirror", the underground there the 1/4λ oscillator, "mirror"; the ② oscillator off the ground there is enough height h. Vertical antenna are asymmetric antenna in the horizontal upward isotropic. A special kind of vertical antenna, the the 1/4λ oscillator the bottom of the radiator there are four radial unit. For 40 meters and 80 meters band ionospheric effects. This antenna has a special name called the Marconi antenna. R7000 receiver configuration antenna belongs to the antenna.

The main technical indicators: a detailed description of the dipole antenna models operating frequency range Remarks VHAP30 ~ 300MHz accurate dipole antenna UHAP300 ~ 1000MHz accurate dipole antenna VHA910330 ~ 300MHz half-wave dipole antenna - UHA9105300 ~ 1000MHz adjustable half-wave duality the dipole VHAA911025 ~ 80MHz fixed-frequency dipole antenna, 1.7m long, the a 5/10MHz frequency interval adjustable UHA9125C0.75 ~ 2GHz adjustable half-wave dipole UHA9125D1.5 3 (4) GHz, adjustable half-wave dipole the child FT01S47 ~ 860 (1000) MHzFM, TV-band antennas

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