The outstanding characteristic that circulator makes isolator again is one-way transmit energy of high frequency signal. It controls direction of round of some of electromagnetic wave edge to transmit. This kind one-way the character that transmits energy of high frequency signal, multi-purpose between the output end at amplifier of high frequency power and load, remove respective independence, mutual " keep apart " action. Laden impedance is changing do not affect below the circumstance of open circuit or short circuit even result put working state, protected power amplifier thereby.
   Circulator is one-way transmission principle, because used data of ferrite magnetism coming back,be. This kind of material is in field of adscititious and high frequency wave and constant joint action leaves dc magnetic field, generation magnetism coming back is characteristic (call tensor magnetism conductance character again) . Be character of this kind of magnetism coming back, the whirl that makes the electromagnetic wave that travels in ferrite produces polarization (Faraday effect) , and electromagnetic wave energy is absorbed strongly (ferromagnetic resonance) , use appearance of this magnetism coming back just about, make a knot isolator, circulator. It has volume bandwidth of small, frequency, insert caustic small wait for a characteristic, application is very consequently wide.
    Zun Tu is the knot composition of a picture of circulator, it uses the knot structure that take a line, park of conductor of center of double Y body comes back two pieces between magnetism ferrite sample, form sample tie, it is all round sample knot each buy 3 magnet, make whole sample knot produces one even and constant magnetic field. Port of isolator, circulator by take a line to turn for coaxial line, adopt proper design, can make the line has sample knot and coaxial to match goodly, contented isolator, circulator the requirement of all sorts of function, the situation that compound should be broken to fall in load, reflection energy absorbs what outside flowing along the direction of bid of blue line place, receive resistor to go up, energy is absorbed by resistor place.

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