The standing wave that what is aerial is compared

Only impedance matchs completely, ability is achieved most high-power is transmitted. This is in high frequency more important! Catapult, transmission cable (line of make a present of) , aerial impedance matters to power transmit. Standing wave matchs case than expressing line of make a present of and antenna namely.

    When matching, the electric wave that catapult emits will have one part reflex to come back, reflection wave generates in line of make a present of, reflection wave arrives at catapult, final generation is used up for quantity of heat. When receiving, because do not match,also meet, cause receive signal bad.

    Pursue as follows, ongoing wave (emissive wave) undertake with opposite way with reflection wave.


    Match completely, will not generate reflection wave, such, the voltage amplitude that nods each in line of make a present of is constant, in pursueing as follows different share (A) , when matching, the voltage that pursues right below the generation in line of make a present of is undee, this is stationed in the voltage weaveform that stays in line of make a present of to be called standing wave.


    Standing wave compares (SWR) the computational formula that S is worth is next graphs:


    The standing wave that still has other of course compares computational method, nevertheless computation is same as a result.

    Standing wave comparing is taller, state impedance does not match more, spare player, accomplish standing wave comparing to be less than 1.5 it is OK to calculate.

    Remind finally a bit, the stand or fall of aerial cannot sheet sees standing wave comparing, the reason that everybody has blind faith in standing wave to compare so now is very simple, it is good petty gain, good to be expressed because of standing wave namely buy. Do not compare because of aerial standing wave very low feel all OK, the other that studies aerial more is characteristic (be like directional) just be real fun.


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