One. Long term transmission line Below high frequency circumstance, when transmission line of electromagnetic wave edge travels, because the wavelengh of electromagnetic wave is very short, can happen on transmission line with the different phenomeno

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We know, digital signal is on time domain show disperse sex and have two kinds of state only 1 with 0, when stone's throw is deferent (100 meters the following) can use base band to transmit, should want to undertake remote when transmitting, be abou

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Current, cable television enterprise is developing in high speed, CATV net will from the tradition one-way onefold (transmit TV signal only) , to two-way and seesaw pattern muti_function way develops (INTERNET, VOd, Data switch, broadcast of digital

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The outstanding characteristic that circulator makes isolator again is one-way transmit energy of high frequency signal. It controls direction of round of some of electromagnetic wave edge to transmit. This kind one-way the character that transmits e

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