DE1106 listen to more summary

DE1106 is the one with FM / AM / shortwave / long wave / air band and other bands, there are high-frequency double-conversion, a synchronous detector and SSB, and can be divided into the below complete with the advanced radio features. Since 2005, the has been brought to our attention. In the four years after a long wait, finally into the hands of enthusiasts. I also got one. the following ten days of listening to make a summary of the situation. the views of others is not to say .

(A) Basic conditions
Machine number: 346.
Listening Location: Nanjing within. 5 floor window.
Comparison of models: DE1101 / PL310 / RD1220.
:9-12 degree indoor temperature.
Battery: GP alkaline batteries.

(B) listen to more

1. FM
The machine in the room to listen to normal. Loudness normal, with little difference between the three machines.
Many provinces and cities in Taiwan because of the number, plus there are Anhui, Taiwan, complete enough to listen; strong platform lined, covered the distance weak units. There is no DX. There is no concern about what effect mirror.

Simply compare the ATS situation:
DE1106: 77.25/79.10/83.75? / 85.00/86.20/88.50/89.70/90.75/90.80 / 91.40/93.00/93.05/93.70/94.50/95.50/96.60/97.00/98.90 /
99.70/101.10/101.15/101.95/102.00/102.40/103.50/104.25 /
104.30/104.35/105.80/106.90/107.50MHz a total of 31 units.
But there are many erroneous Taiwan.
Such as: 93.00 and (93.05) / (90.75) and 90.80 / 101.10 and (101.15) / (101.95) and 102.00 / (104.25) and 104.30 and (104.35)
Brackets is the erroneous units, a total of 6 units actually does not exist.

With this comparison, PL310 deposit to 25 units, no one is wrong station.
DE1101 not ATS. Compared with the automatic search results as with the PL310. DE1101 0.05MHz or 0.1MHz to add it nicely. But the Stop of the correct frequency.
RD1220 not ATS. In the best four machine listening.

2. Poland
Local AM loudness than the FM sound small but can still be normal.
a. Automatically search results:
585/603/702/801/846/864/900/936/1008/1170/1206/1359KHz total of 12 units.
Comparison of Machine DE1101, PL310 automated search results are the same.

b. poor anti-interference:
In 558/603/657/747/756/837/945/963/990/999/1053/1107/1152/1215/1251/1260 / 1269/1287/1305/1314/1350/1404/1431/1503/1548 / 1602/1647/1692/1702 KHz, etc. About 30 have no units on the frequency combination of strong interference sound platform. which on 702KHz Taiwan in 1404 the strongest voice of the other frequencies are 702 and 846 on the main station combination interference noise. almost say, a strong platform from everywhere mixed sound.
★ Machine PL310 RD1220 more points in the complex frequency sound mild and very clean, many frequency points.
DE1101 only 747/990/999 KHz three similar phenomenon.
★ Frequency point in 555/747/1089KHz three machines can receive the weak units, while 1106 is interference sound is completely not Taiwan.
★ DE1106 still howling in 720/846/963/1053/1089KHz Department, in the 963KHz Department also Dada ... sound. 846KHz have blocked out the window.
Comparison of machine is no such phenomenon.
★ DE1106 of the phenomenon to hit the switch as part of LO files may disappear, but the sensitivity decreased, not DX had.

c. the entire paragraph in the wave can be heard in the absence of Taiwan, Department of of the voice. volume on loud voices are also great. in the office building still the weakest signal, and direction, suggesting that the interference of this machine. but to fight to the LO file, the sound will disappear.
Contrast no such phenomenon machine.

d. each time the ↑ or ↓ will Guaijiao twice, really will add to the fun.

3. Shortwave
The rod length of the four machines are as follows:
DE1106 92cm / RD1220 81cm
DE1101 73cm / PL310 55cm
DE1106 the rod up, material is not bad.

a. Comparison of automated search results:
Search every machine back and forth four times, was the combined result.
PL310 is used in automatic search mode.
★ noon:
DE1106: 9505,9685,11885,11980,13710,15195,15325,15665,17770,21540 KHz.
A total of 10 channels.
DE1101: 9500,9505,9645, ... ...
A total of 21 units.
PL310: 9505,9685,11885, ... ...
A total of 12 units. If you use ATS B-model, an additional 10 units.

★ evening:
DE1106: 5900,5955,6135,7205,7385,9615,9845,11760,11855,11965 KHz.
A total of 10 channels.
DE1101: 3925,3985,5050, ... ...
A total of 33 units.
PL310: 5900,5925,6085, ... ...
A total of 20 units. If the use of ATS in the B model, to increase more than 10 units.
Results: 1101 ≥ 310> 1106.

b. listen to the sound at different time comparison.
There is not a 5 point system, because DE1106 and the PL310 has a volume indicator can be directly compared, more intuitive. Although the volume of different machine at the same level of sound is different. A big difference.
PL310 maximum volume is 30. DE1106 maximum volume is 31.
Comparison, DE1106 volume has hit 31. Adjustment PL310 to sound the same with the DE1106.

★ 5900KHz: DE1106 sound light, the equivalent of PL310's (11) level. Sometimes Signal and noise of light like a mosquito called.
PL310, DE1101, RD1220 can be opened very sound.
7325: Same as 5900.
11985: Same as 5900. DE1101 open only half the volume switch, low noise, and is much clearer.
13765: (14)
15515: (16)
17635: (16)
21570: (19)

★ 15140: (13)
15545: (12)
15665: (13)
17560: (8)
17615: (14)
17750: (10)
17810: (6)
17880: (13)

★ 6135 (11)
12010 (12)
13680 (7)
15515 (10)

★ 25m, 22m few units (10) - (12)
★ on a few strong, effects can be considerable with three machines.
DE1106 with the human body sensors, hand machine, the sound louder.

This shows that, in most cases, indoors listening to shortwave, DE1106 loud enough. The actual listening experience, reach PL310, DE1101 supposed to be. Sounds very tiring, and sometimes also the ears Coushang listen. The RD1220 in the short-wave high-end, a little better than the PL310 DE1101 effect.

Relative three machines, generally have the following sense:
a. outdoor, cold, no more than that, very roughly and DE1101.
b. In the 21m-13m. DE1106 effect is better than the low end.
c. listen to the environment worse, DE1106 results are worse. so it was said that listening to good effect outside the open office, be true.
d. signal worse, DE1106 results are worse.
e. estimated that broadband is about 5KHz, narrow band of about 3KHz.

In fact, FM than AM stereo sound situation is in some machine in some. But then gain enough levels, can make up for deficiencies prior to class. Therefore, this machine will not be the case.

4. Synchronous detection
The machine's synchronous detection and effective.
For example, a night to find two adjacent units .6190 KHz is a Japanese station, 6185KHz language station is just one day. Listen to the former one, the latter one with interference. But at first SYNC, immediate results. Interfere with sound without a trace. Taiwan to open without interference SYNC, the voice becomes deep more, ring for more. sometimes the signal strength is only one (DE1106 signal strength is divided into five) can be locked, no whistle, but it sounds good.
Of course, listen to the actual situation is more complex, not the ideal situation occurs when there will be howling. If the frequencies are not allowed to deviate from the 1KHz will be called.
Still some problems: the machine can only be used in the LO file, one to the DX file and immediately called.
Had with local users of another DE1106 slightly more than what, as if he was even better platform.

5. Air Band
Listen place from Lukou 37KM. In the window to clear the calls received 119.250MHz. Sometimes loud loud.
SSB did not listen. To receive Taiwan, is not very clear. May be local, then do not understand.

6. Other
The machine sounds nice and clean and pleasant. Compared with the RD1220, a draw seems DE1106 some more light. But when the speaker has spiked treble sound. Interestingly, when and PL310 (narrowband) together listening to the same frequency sets, sometimes occur each sang situation.
Power consumption:
DE1106 boot quiescent current is about 60mA. And the FM and AM almost. And 1103 considerable power.
DE1106 maximum current <170 mA. Shutdown 50μA. Turn on the lights, but also a further increase in more than 10 mA.
PL310 boot quiescent current 20 - 24mA. Medium volume (15) - (20), power consumption ≤ 60mA, quiescent current than the 1106 boot is also smaller. Is power.
DE1101 Power quiescent current MW 29mA, SW / FM 39mA.
RD1220 Boot quiescent current AM 45mA, FM 58mA.
DE1106 power to three machines can be seen large.

The machine for the battery, sometimes as the time back to zero as RD1220. And PL310 can power down 4 hours.

Only personal use of the above feelings, not necessarily right. If the DE1106 is not the problem, it should be a good opportunity for Taiwan.

1. Not rule out the machine there are individual differences, do not rule out the machine is a sick machine, does not rule out some of the problems are widespread.
2. Do not rule out in different contexts, to listen to the results there will be some changes, but the comparison should be similar.

After the flu:
Started before the DE1106, Degen suggested to each machine attached to a performance test report (such as Robinson did), but not responded. If the time can do so, whether the early detection of some problems?
Want to replace the DE1106 has spent nearly 7 years DE1101, now hope is dashed!

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