The sort of satellitic antenna

Antenna of central focusing satellite

Antenna of central focusing satellite is called commonly anxious antenna, call parabola aerial again, no matter depth, its antenna dish face radian all shows parabola. Line spy a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale is anxious day in dish of face round, the central focus of LNB park antenna. anxious antenna can be divided again according to its focus position for deep dish and shallow dish, the antenna of same size if focusing is shorter deeper, focusing grows dish of area more dish of face is more shallow, if ask that one kind has been compared,use, it is the actor drawback that has each each.
anxious antenna searchs a satellite, want those who know this satellite place to receive angle of elevation only normally, angle of elevation implement park antenna midpoint tries to adjust admire degree, again tie-in compass and instrument of satellitic signal test can discover the satellite that you want very easily. When your fixed position is finished, right now dish in the center of the face, LNB and the satellite of 30 thousand 6 1000 kilometers are to become one linear.

Function Focusing Signal gain Prevent microwave interference Freight holds ark cost
Deep dish Short Differ slightly Good Expensive
Shallow dish Long Tall Poor Common


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FRP an organic whole shapes satellitic antenna

FRP antenna is make by fibre glass, fiber lining places buy tinfoil paper to be reflexed in order to regard satellitic dispatch as date. Because aerial volume is huge, the process that make uses pure handiwork to make on the mould normally.
Because this antenna is an organic whole shapes, can assure to absolutely true circularity and the essence of the curved surface that throw thing allow to spend so, because complete escape combination antenna is combined undeserved, and bring about " of " side valve or " the worry of much more anxious " , because essence of life allows to spend the combination with general prep above antenna, solid the KU frequency satellite that this antenna suits to need tall gain particularly is received.
An organic whole shapes the characteristic of aerial is tall gain and the gain character equalize of aerial, decide with having the state of mind that does not need to inspect engineering personnel construction at character of combination antenna gain, defect is: The larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome and anxiety Gui still? , be in so carry the difficulty with reach high-rise exercise before last to have certain.
FRP antenna can be used receive C and Ku frequency Duan Weixing signal, apply commonly satellitic communication system is reached in cable television system, TVRO relevant manufacturing industry.
As a result of FRP antenna hard usage, system of domestic cable television, from inchoate up to now about 9 is become had used this type antenna.

Meshy antenna

Aluminous wire mould shapes pressure, the precision of the structure of aerial and curvature depends on completely of framework shape, the assorted construction of aerial also can be aimed degree have the effect that comparative, the requirement of professional combination technology that reason sets technician to aerial is very tall.
This type antenna allows to spend because of essence of curvature of antenna of be enslaved to be enslaved to, so relatively often use in the C frequency with inferior frequency Duan Weixing is received, receive with cable television system, TVRO and individual on the use of aerial give priority to.

Mould 冲 is pressed into swage dish aerial

Iron dish aerial is an individual a the utilization rate in receiving is top kind, it can be divided slant anxious an organic whole shapes, central anxious an organic whole shapes in reaching anxious and multichip combination. Iron dish an organic whole shapes aerial dimension differs from 35cm-180cm, can use commonly receive Ku frequency Duan Weixing, 160cm-180cm antenna can inspect satellitic power volume to receive C frequency Duan Weixing. An organic whole shapes aerial is low-cost fine installation and signal gain stability is decided, only drawback is 100cm above is carried no-goer. Iron dish multichip assorted antenna dimension differs from 160cm-240cm, apply to C frequency Duan Weixing to receive commonly, if be used,receive Ku frequency, criterion the effect is not quite ideal.
Iron dish aerial is use galvanization armor plate plus the mould 冲 pressing shapes, but mass-produced, because this price compares petty gain.

Antenna of combination SNC satellite

SNC satellite antenna is to use fibre glass to make raw material, heat plus the mould be shaped, interior is placing not 锈 iron and steel is webby, use reflection satellite signal.
SNC antenna is usable will receive C and order of Ku satellite dispatch, but when receiving Ku frequency, require special attention when each antenna is combined dish whether is there fall of on any account to reach dish of range between the face whether level off, because a bit difference can bring about aerial whole efficiency,become poor.
SNC satellite antenna is used normally go up in cable television system and business of special news report.

Extremely antenna of axial chain type

Extremely axial antenna calls synchronous belt aerial again, what is meant by synchronous belt? It is equatorial in the sky 30 thousand 6 1000 kilometers surround the satellitic band that earthly circuit place forms, synchronous satellite is taken in synchronism spend with be apart 2-3 surrounding the earth
And why does synchronism take aerial to say again extremely axial antenna? We assume aerial is located in any latitude of the Northern Hemisphere, when the antenna that becomes you already amended all synchronous satellites to be able to be received, right now of aerial extremely axial horn is to be opposite Polaris, auxiliary angle of elevation is as mutual as the earth's axis parallel, so synchronism takes aerial to say again extremely axial antenna.
This antenna is enter group of gear of motor drive gearshift what to combine plus chain and be become by pace of dc of a group of 36V promote a system, this system is controlled by positioner. Positioner can output the 36V of aerial place demand, can remember reach at present what receive the satellite that searchs in the future location, when aerial should move to fasten a satellite, need to input this satellite code name only, aerial will move automatically come here satellite.
This system need has erect quite rich reception experience of ability erect come, because be in,the synchronism that different latitudinal place sees takes curvature is different, and embroil arrives of aerial itself extremely axial horn, azimuthal reach auxiliary angle of elevation and the fault is same cannot complete track synchronous belt

Sheet pushs antenna of 杆 pole axis

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Sheet pushs antenna of 杆 pole axis its function and operation set means are mixed antenna of chain pole axis is same, a kind when the antenna that push 杆 uses for inchoate TVRO place extremely axial antenna, nowadays is received in the individual of southeast Asia country door, often also use this kind of antenna to receive 2-3 satellite.
If use the satellite that pushs 杆 to receive whole synchronism to take, drive antenna is in receive extremely east or extremely on the west when the satellite, aerial can have shake, leap or the phenomenon that get stuck dead (at this moment aerial is lying the position with the largest load, add the active force that turns 杆 to lying of the structure most extreme, the phenomenon that can produce active force to be not worth so) so this system already was replaced by place of antenna of chain type drive gradually.

Antenna of drive of type of azimuth of angle of elevation

Antenna of drive of type of azimuth of angle of elevation is to use 1-2 to raise pace of 36V angle of elevation to push 杆 and condition of position of a group of 36V to enter motor into motor, changing when aerial when receiving a satellite, angle of elevation and azimuth motor are met spell drive, the course that so aerial walks can be become dentate.
Antenna of azimuth of angle of elevation installs furnish to time in initial stage and can not resemble extremely axial antenna is euqally difficult, just began set to must try the shift that wants reception satellite to reach position with angle of elevation first fixed position and memory, change in the future need to input code only when the satellite can.
The course that walks as a result of this system is not orbit of pace of contract of complete accord with, when new satellite sends signal in synchronous orbit, this system will be aware of very hard.

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