The tall gain antenna that makes easily simply

In UHF telecast taller frequency paragraph, the gain of aerial is crucial, it is euqally important to no matter be,blast off or be received. In inferior frequency Duan Re is it is not quite easy to want to make day of a tall gain, because frequency is low, wavelengh is big, the size of aerial is small not, if want to increase the gain of aerial criterion bulk will increase greatly, make had all sorts of difficulty.

In taller frequency paragraph criterion otherwise, because frequency is tall, wavelengh is small, the size of aerial is small also, the dimension of tall gain antenna also does not go which greatly, it is very easy to make, and spend what charge scarcely, next graphs are, the data that whole antenna place uses has: Odd chamfer aluminous profile 46 centimeters, core of line of 6 square jacket, bamboo chopstick, heat up frit glue a few.



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According to frequency of 900 MH z Duan Bamu antenna makes the measure of aerial, use the aluminum steel that takes insulation layer to have the reason of two respects: It is to facilitate glue of the frit that use heat is secured, frit glue and aluminous agglutinate force are not powerful; 2 it is Zhen Zihe rail (odd chamfer aluminous profile) contact undesirable generation to disturb. Establish lever to choose bamboo chopstick pure belong to get easily and easy agglutinate, following plan institute show agglutinate pattern.

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Agglutinate place magnifies the plan is as follows. Because aerial size is small, weight is light, glue of the frit that use heat will join its intensity more than sufficient, and simplified greatly make technology.




It is not difficult that this antenna is made, stuff is easy, gain is not small however, actual measurement B of near 10 d , suit to solve those who do a test to need temporarily very much, also suit to use as the faint TV signal that receives far from the table, should deserve to use the aerial amplifier of next graphs right now nevertheless.




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