Does with car stage inside the car supreme power blast off (25W) very serious to the radiate of human body?

Above all, still be the problem that standing wave compares. Standing wave solves what reflex power to be being mixed to power to compare than OK and intuitionistic geography, SWR = 1 when the power that car stage projects is blasted off to go out by aerial system entirely, did not reflex power; If aerial open a way, namely all power did not go out, all reflex hits put to good use to be on car stage, stage is critical.

Car stage launchs cent to plant with supreme power inside the car circumstance:

1. Carry for nothing blast off, did not receive any antenna. As above, all power did not go out, all reflex hits put to good use to be on car stage, at that time the person does not have a thing for certain, but car stage. . .

2. Load of the furlough that receive bid blasts off. Right now SWR = 1, energy of all electric wave is changed into heat energy by false load. Ok of this moment person, stage also Ok;

3. Take young plant will blast off inside the car.

Young plant takes a car inside, aerial system is destroyed (do not have earth mat! ) , standing wave comparing will be very right now tall, that is to say, major power reflexes carriage return stage, radiate of very few power comes out. Affirmation of stage of this moment car is uncomfortable, the person is comfortable and differ calm, because you get how old the radiate with strong field says to forbid.

We can assume circumstance of a kind of extreme: What use suppose is ideal antenna, emit electric wave entirely inside the car come out, did not reflex carriage return stage. This moment, didn't railroad car become the oven of microwave oven?

Although be below this kind of circumstance, the harm of electric wave also is not deadly perhaps endanger health for certain. The reason has 2.

One of, power is too little, 30W, microwave oven can be 700-100W.

Secondly, the most crucial, the electric wave of 430MHz is not microwave, the resonance that cannot cause the element inside your body will produce quantity of heat.

But, the electric wave field of high strenth can destroy the immune system of human body, this has final conclusion. Leucocyte can be finished, scale is unspecified.

Conclusion: Car a plant avoids the electric wave of all forms to launch action as far as possible, include to use hand station, make a mobile telephone, use car holds ozone air pure and fresh machine.

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