RFID radio frequency identification technology (Radio Frequency IdentiFication, RFID) has a long history of application, and can be traced back to the aircraft friend or enemy identification system used by British Air Force aircraft during World War

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I. Introduction Smart antennas are usually called adaptive antenna arrays, which can form specific antenna beams to achieve directional transmission and reception, and are mainly used to complete spatial filtering and positioning. Essentially, it use

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The vigorous development of China's digital TV industry has driven huge demand for high-performance, low-power RF receiver chips. However, in this field, due to challenges in RF technology, implementation complexity, standards, and cost, China's digi

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Radio frequency circuit of low power consumption passive ultrahigh frequency radio frequency identification transponder chip This paper proposes a high-performance low-power passive ultra-high frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification (RFID) tra

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Design of RF Transceiver Circuit Based on TRF6900 MCU This article introduces the structure, principle, characteristics and application circuit of TRF6900. TRF6900 is a single-chip radio frequency transceiver chip, which integrates a complete transmi

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100W TV transmitter with antenna with coaxial cable price 3055USD including shipping cost

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DIY TC9153AP volume control circuit Newsletter describes TC9153 application papers published many articles and press articles about my DIY without success. After the electronic newspaper published application TC9153 thinking , a text , DIY after th

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How to Start Your Own Radio Station Business If you want to start a radio station business, you will need to pick the ideal location, secure the requirements for the permits and licenses, shop for the equipment, and attend to other matters of the bu

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