Warning: This circuit provides an FM modulated signal with an output power of around 500mW. The input Mic preamp is built around a couple of 2N3904 transistors, audio gain limited by the 5k preset. The oscillator is a colpitts stage, frequency of osc

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Before we start: I'm well aware of the pirate radio scene that exists in a number of countries. While I'm one hundred percent in favor of free speech, I'm also one hundred percent convinced that the radio spectrum has to be organized and controlled,

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This is the schematic for an FM transmitter with 3 to 3.5 W output power that can be used between 90 and 110 MHz. Although the stability isn't so bad, a PLL can be used on this circuit. This is a circuit that I've build a few years ago for a frien

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Here is the schematic, PC board pattern, and parts placement for a low powered FM transmitter. The range of the transmitter when running at 9V is about 300 feet. Running it from 12V increases the range to about 400 feet. This transmitter should not b

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Several circuits for constructing FM transmitters have been published in EFY. The power output of most of these circuits are very low because no power amplifier stages were incorporated. The transmitter circuit described here h

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Technical specifications Power supply: 12-14 V stab., 100 mA RF power: 400 mW Impedance: 50-75 ohm Frequency range: 87,5-108 MHz Modulation: wideband FM Schematic diagram Parts list Capacitors: C1, C2, C12 - 100 pF (ceramic) C3, C5 - 0,22 uF (electr

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FM Transmission is one of the most interesting branches of electronics. It's an ideal place to start as the circuits are very simple and produce absolutely amazing results. With as few as 20 components, a circuit can be designed totransmit an impress

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Notice: Before operating a radio transmitter, find out what kind of transmitter operation, if any, is permitted in your locality. Radio transmitter operation is a serious legal matter. In the United States, operation of unlicensed intentional radiato

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