This paper, we introduce a kind of BA1404 to the core of the small stereo FM transmitter, because a lot of friends he is very keen, I asked it to information, so put it up in the ranks. In fact, in many applications on the BA1404 electronic magazines

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This article describes the stereo FM transmitter circuit shown in Figure 1. RF detector circuit as shown in Figure 2, the transmitter is simple, stable performance, making debugging easier, power, widely used and so on. Therefore, it is suitable for

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Are on their production and use of several wireless headset experience description for your reference. First, as shown in Figure 1, the program produced by FM wireless transmitter, including machine, including the total LED current of only 5 mA, usin

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The VHF frequency is decided by coil L1 and variable capacitor VC1. Reduce the value of VR2 to have a greater power output. The next stage is built around transistor BC548 (T2), which serves as a Class-A power amplifier. This stage is inductively cou

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The simplest circuit, very few components, can be used to carry children's toys or used by the NAND gate IC1 (74Ls13), microphone MIC1 and composed of four resistance and capacitance. Electret microphone bias voltage required by the power supply thro

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