BEHRINGER Moniter 1C100W (IEC268-5) monitor speakers

BEHRINGER Moniter 1C100W (IEC268-5) monitor speakers

Multi-purpose two-way recording monitor for fixed installation, audio and video multimedia, home recording, audio and video production and surround speaker combination

High load power (100 W / IEC 268-5), full range drive, low distortion sound quality

The 51⁄2-inch woofer is powerful and comes with a very light fiber diaphragm. 1⁄2-inch tweeter with high resolution

Extremely smooth frequency response from 60 Hz to 23 kHz

High fidelity crossover for precise and smooth phase

Automatic overload protection protects the high frequency unit from damage and can be automatically restored after startup

Wall supply / roof mounting shelf

Robust protective mesh and extremely solid construction make this product durable

Development and design of BEHRINGER, Germany

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