Dipole antenna used to transmit and receive a fixed frequency signal. Although the usual measurements using broadband antennas, but need to use a dipole antenna in the measurement of site attenuation and antenna factor. SCHWARZBECK dipole antenna fre

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The frequency is one of the most important concepts in the universe . It is also very important in antenna theory . Fortunately, this concept is not very complex . Beginner class : Send or receive electromagnetic (EM) wave function of the antenna . T

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Antenna Basics (4 ) If the dipole antenna diameter thick, the antenna input impedance versus frequency to smaller, easier to maintain the match and feeder, then the antenna on a wide frequency range. On the contrary, is narrow. In practice, the a

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An antenna for transmitting the radio apparatus or receive electromagnetic components. Radio communication , radio, television , radar, navigation , electronic countermeasures , remote sensing, radio astronomy and other engineering systems , all use

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The main parameter of token antenna function has direction to pursue, gain, input impedance, standing wave comparing, polarization mode. The input impedance of 1.1 antenna The input impedance of aerial is the ratio that aerial feed end inputs voltage

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Spare broadcasting station is spare radio lover use technology of research radio news report, have technical communication, training and the tool that surpass unexpectedly. The pane that article introduction uses at 2m wave communication is wireless

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Aerial launchs the importance of yuan of length The length that you can discover to aerial emphasizes in the following introduction is 1/2 or 1/4 wavelengh, why? When the length because of aerial is incorrect, its impedance and design value are a lot

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In UHF telecast taller frequency paragraph, the gain of aerial is crucial, it is euqally important to no matter be,blast off or be received. In inferior frequency Duan Re is it is not quite easy to want to make day of a tall gain, because frequency i

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