With the misshapen memory of the method that magazine of old to electron describes, the periphery that I think to the method that introduces by this uses closet door makes a kind super casing antenna . I do not know what the wire of this antenna is,

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The technical development of mobile antenna is very rapid, original China basically is used common directional and complete to model mobile antenna, use mechanical antenna generally later, the mobile net of city of a few provinces has begun to use re

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As family expenses car popularize the addition with radio lover, the person that adds outfit radio equipment in oneself car is increasing, how does a problem that produces subsequently install these equipment ably namely. Popular in radio group a suc

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Shortwave communication is to point to wavelengh 100 - 10 meters (frequency is 3 - 30 MH z ) the radio that electromagnetic wave undertakes corresponds. Shortwave communication transmission channel is had change ginseng is characteristic, ionosphere

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The parameter that adjusts satellitic antenna focal length basically has part of azimuthal, angle of elevation, polarization these 3 parameter, among them azimuthal can be calculated with angle of elevation through receiving the longitude and latitud

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HAVE FUN DESIGN YOUR OWN J POLE FOR ANY BAND! (Try it with aluminum too!) Either way....TRY IT! Design your J Pole for hf, 2 meters, 220, 440 and up!

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In aerial system, aerial and equipment deserve to receive good the parameter that we often call standing wave to compare with is measured to its, it is when standing wave comparing of 1 when, state this antenna system matchs good without reflection,

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CO-LINEAR OMNI-DIRECTIONAL ANTENNA, THE ONLY REAL 3/4 WAVE ANTENNA NOW SHIPPING FROM EU please Click here to get our dipole antenna The Exterminator is our most powerful FM Broadcast Antenna to date. Designed from the ground up the Exterminator s

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