1W/5W two tranches of power FM Transmitter

1W/5W two tranches of power FM transmitter can be adjusted purchase in Taobao

First, the scope:
1W/5W NC FM radio transmitter to transmit the wireless signal transmission range of its wide, clear sound quality, simple operation, can be widely used in schools, communities, mining, tourist attractions, countryside and other places, but also the ideal personal FM radio enthusiasts equipment.

Hold down the panel to open the key, then plug in the power, the screen H or L, through the panel, the + / _ keys to switch in HL. H file for the 5W power, L is the power 1W file.
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Second, the performance characteristics:
High fidelity and stability:
Japan ROHM motherboard dedicated next-generation integrated NC FM stereo radio transmitter chip PLL BH1415, built-in PLL frequency PLL, audio pre-emphasis, limiter and low pass filter circuit, can achieve high-fidelity, high stability of signal transmission ;
Clear stereo sound quality:
Panel composed by the STC12C2052; after class by 9018,2 SC3355, 2SC2053, RD06 four power amplifier output, to ensure that the output of three-dimensional sound effects;
Good shielding:
Design closely, not because of external sensor signals generated frequency drift;
Excellent heat dissipation:
Use of high quality aluminum alloy chassis, built-in cooling fan and greatly reduce the body heat, can ensure the stability of continuous work equipment;
Easy to use:
Panel with LCD (blue backlight) display frequency, according to the identity of the various interfaces to connect other hardware, easy to adjust, and intuitive.
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Third, the technical parameters:
Dimensions: L * W * H/12.5 * 9.5 * 5.5 (unit: cm; excluding protrusions)
Supply voltage: DC11-13V (Recommended 12V)
Operating current: <1.5A
Frequency range: 88 ~ 108Mhz
Frequency Step: 0.1MHz
Frequency stabilization mode: PLL Frequency Synthesizer
Modulation: FM Stereo
Deviation: + /-75KHz
Pre-emphasis delay: 50us
S / N (Stereo):> 40db
Stereo Separation:-45dB (5000Hz ~ 15000Hz)
Frequency Response: 40KHz ~ 15KHz ± 0.2dB (stereo)
Distortion: <0.3%
Modulation: 15%
Input Level:-15dBV
RF output impedance: 50Ω
RF output power: 5 ~ 7W
Reference range: 5Km-10Km (open area)
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
Fourth, hereby declare
Using high-power wireless radio transmitting equipment, please observe the local Management Committee and the relevant provisions of national law, unauthorized modification and use of transmission power increases were the consequences, the shop does not undertake any responsibility!


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