Application of artificial intelligence technology in the broadcasting and television industry

Artificial intelligence, radio and television In the past two years, with the rapid development of informatization, the integration trend of artificial intelligence and radio and television industry, especially new media, has become more and more obvious, and it has a more in-depth and long-term impact on the radio and television industry-both pioneering It has created a larger imagination space and provided new momentum for its high-quality development.

According to Wang Bing, senior vice president of Guangdong Southern New Media Co., Ltd., artificial intelligence is strongly related to broadcast and television business applications and is the key to reshaping the core competitiveness of broadcast media. At the same time, the application of artificial intelligence technology in the broadcasting and television industry will in turn promote the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology itself.

On January 7, at the inauguration ceremony of the joint laboratory of Guangdong Southern New Media Co., Ltd., the Key Laboratory of the State Administration of Radio and Television Artificial Intelligence Application, Guangdong Southern New Media Co., Ltd., Shanghai Haisi Technology Co., Ltd., and Tencent Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the license by the Academy of Radio and Television Science of the State Administration of Radio and Television.

From the launch of the "intelligence" upgrade of the platform in 2017, to the proposal of the "big platform·new ecology" strategy, and now to the establishment of artificial intelligence laboratories with HiSilicon and Tencent, New Media shares while self-innovating and extensively connected, It is also empowering partners and industries. New Media is on a road of technological advancement through continuous innovation.

Reshaping the core competitiveness of the radio and television media
Artificial intelligence is an important driving force for the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, and it is also one of the supporting and exemplary key core technologies leading the development and progress of radio and television. The integration of radio and television and artificial intelligence is also on the fast lane, driven by all parties.

In November 2018, the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Smart Radio and Television” issued by the State Administration of Radio and Television pointed out that it is necessary to give full play to the advantages of radio and television content and accelerate the use of new technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence in the production of radio and television content. The innovative application of radio and television further enhances the core competitiveness of radio and television content; in May 2019, the "White Paper on the Application of Artificial Intelligence in Radio and Television (2018)" issued by the State Administration of Radio and Television pointed out that the radio and television industry is highly dependent on technology and artificial intelligence. The leading and driving role of technology in the entire industry is more prominent.

It can be said that the impact of the integration of artificial intelligence and radio and television is comprehensive. Wang Bing said, “The integration of the two will definitely improve the industry’s work efficiency in production, distribution and transmission, operation services, operation and maintenance, etc., promote the construction of new smart radio and television business formats, improve the guidance of radio and television public opinion, and accelerate the radio and television industry. Transformation and upgrading."

Although the current application of artificial intelligence in the radio and television industry is at a relatively preliminary stage of exploration, which is the so-called "weak artificial intelligence stage", the current stage of artificial intelligence technology innovations in multimedia content processing, recognition, analysis, generation and transmission, etc. But it is strongly related to broadcast and television business applications. Under one weak and one strong, the urgency of the integration and innovation of artificial intelligence and radio and television is shown.

Therefore, the industry has begun a series of artificial intelligence applications, building artificial intelligence technology platforms, as far as possible to promote the simultaneous upgrade of broadcasting media in the artificial intelligence era, and then complete the reshaping of core competitiveness. New Media shares is one of the heavyweight players.

From technology output to technology income
Beginning in 2017, New Media Co., Ltd. has followed the development trend of global informatization and launched a new strategy of platform "intelligence" upgrade. Based on cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, with intelligent resources, intelligent operation and maintenance, Data intelligence is the goal, and the platform is fully "intelligent" upgraded.

It is also in the process of the implementation of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence that New Media has successively built platforms such as cloud computing, big data and intelligent operation and maintenance, and completed the intelligent recommendation system, intelligent automatic testing, intelligent computer room and intelligent audit system. And other practical work of artificial intelligence applications. For example, the intelligent operation and maintenance platform has realized the strategic transformation of operation and maintenance from passive fire fighting to active prediction, and from traditional experience-based to high-tech. Another example is the intelligent audit system using video and image processing and machine learning related technologies to identify audit content, which can be realized Automatic review of video content, prohibiting videos that do not meet the requirements, and improve review efficiency.

At present, both IPTV and OTT are facing a transition from scale to value. With the changes in business formats, it is difficult for pure content services to meet the new requirements of the new stage. Under this trend, all parties have begun to find new values, increments, and boundaries based on large TV screens and living room scenes. With the advent of 5G, new technologies represented by artificial intelligence have brought more possibilities.

For New Media, on the one hand, for the extremely imaginative scenarios generated by the combination of artificial intelligence and family scenarios, New Media has proposed the strategic goal of "big platform and new ecology", and builds with artificial intelligence and big data as the core The unified membership system focuses on the family scene in depth, connects the family ecosystem across borders, and taps the new value of the family scene. Supporting the strategy of New Media shares is the super portal that it has built to connect 250 million home users.

On the other hand, New Media is actively breaking through the closedness of IPTV and providing relevant technology and operation and maintenance services for IPTV platforms in many provinces and cities across the country. Wang Bing said, “New Media is willing to share its technical experience with the national IPTV platform, including artificial intelligence technology, of course.”

According to Wang Bing, the current intelligent upgrade of New Media has achieved a large cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and the technical output of artificial intelligence has also covered Henan, Hunan, Hainan and other regions. In the future, New Media will further increase the output of technical services and increase the proportion of technology revenue in overall revenue. From technology output to technology revenue, it is not only a manifestation of strength. In the process of value transformation of large TV screens, the development ideas of New Media Group also provide more reference for the industry.

New Media + HiSilicon + Tencent =?
The key laboratory of the State Administration of Radio and Television for the application of artificial intelligence in radio and television was set up in 2019. The three companies that have been awarded this time are members of the first batch of 21 companies that jointly build laboratories. More importantly, the three companies cover the three core links of the industry-"New Media Co., Ltd." is the country's first broadcast control platform operating company to achieve an independent IPO listing, with platform operating advantages; "Huawei HiSilicon" is a domestic terminal chip Leading companies have terminal chip advantages; "Tencent" is a national comprehensive video content platform leading company with content advantages. With the combination of new media shares + HiSilicon + Tencent, platform operation + terminal + content, stronger potential will also emerge.

As the co-construction unit of the key laboratory, in accordance with the concept of "openness, sharing, cooperation, and win-win", New Media shares will continue to deepen cooperation with the Guangxi Academy of Sciences, HiSilicon and Tencent, and use the platform of the key laboratory to conduct joint research. The integrated development of artificial intelligence and interactive TV, exploring the innovative path of AI+ TV in smart broadcasting, media integration, etc., and working together to promote the intelligent and networked development of broadcasting and TV. It is worth mentioning that the cooperation between the two parties has made substantial progress.

In the national key research and development plan for cyberspace security, "Multimedia copyright protection and supervision technology based on domestic cryptography in the Internet + environment" project, New Media, as a pilot demonstration unit for the application and promotion of domestic cryptography in the DRM field, is cooperating with the Guangxi Academy of Sciences Cooperate with HiSilicon and Tencent to explore ChinaDRM application integration methods suitable for IPTV and OTT, formulate relevant specifications, carry out application pilot demonstration work, and promote the application of 4K, 8K and other ultra-high-definition video content; in addition, New Media is exploring Based on Huawei's Kunpeng and Shengteng series of domestic chip integration testing, pilot demonstrations of localization in artificial intelligence, big data and other research directions.

When talking about the future plans of New Media for artificial intelligence, Wang Bing said that New Media will continue to follow the development trend of global informatization, gradually improve the intelligent upgrade of the platform, and comprehensively improve in the "ecological service" platform architecture. And improve the "cloud-pipe-end" intelligent three-dimensional service capability and business service carrying capacity. At the same time, increase investment in research and development of artificial intelligence technology, accelerate research and application exploration of artificial intelligence, and develop a cooperation model of production, learning, and research. In his view, only through such a systematic layout can the technological innovation ability be better stimulated and market competitiveness can be maintained for a long time.

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