9800 Series UHF transmitter unit of production method

9800 Series UHF transmitter unit is more commonly used in CATV trunk amplifier module for doubling the output power transmission equipment equipment. Practice has proved that either Motorola or Philips with the module, the effects were just as good. The series of emission units produced a total of three sizes, models and outline drawings are as follows.



Figure emitter of each unit are equivalent to the oscillator, each equivalent to a module from the drive oscillator. Among the most simple internal wiring 9820, the input signal through a two distributor to two modules, each module can drive a converted oscillator.

Production Notes:

1. Power doubling module of larger heat, heat the problem to be solved.

2. Lower gain power doubler module, usually not more than 20dB, the need for adequate power to promote, generally can not be less than 100mW (and gain the module).

3. The frequency characteristics of two modules must be strictly paired, especially when used for multi-channel signal transmission, this step is more important.

4. Transmission cable with layer (such as the distributor to the two modules of the two cables for the same layer, the two modules to the equivalent dipole layer with the two cables) in length must be strictly consistent.

5. Two equivalent oscillator phase to the same, then the wrong phase two equivalent oscillator offset most of the energy input.

Available please contact the Department, will answer to the following.

1.9800 Series, the equivalent dipole antenna to match?

A: The 9800 Series transmitter unit of the equivalent oscillator made with our usual equivalent dipole antenna and matching methods are identical, equivalent to the selection of oscillator is the same size. According to our many years of practice, such a structure has been converted to the oscillator is still easy to use 1200MHz. When the operating frequency higher, because of the size of small size can make some reasonable choices should not use this structure.

2. I have done with a Philips BGY588 emission experiment, amplification module maximum output capacity of about 130DB, then power is much, BGD502 Series maximum output capacity is how much? Another match is not a U-shaped antenna matcher? Circuit in the transmitter, U type matcher, symmetrical bridge and magnetic devices which match the results were better?

A: 130dBμV more than 200 mW, 502 can output much we do not know, because not used, there is no information at hand. As for the matching device, as long as well, the effects were the same, and can be selected according to their matching conditions, our products using the U-matcher more. To do with the magnetic ring when receiving antenna matcher can be considered to adapt its frequency, as the transmitting antenna need to consider the power level match. Of course, larger power transmission lines to the emitter from the need to consider every aspect of power capacity.


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