A 5-watt FM transmitter amplifier circuit

This paper describes a transmitter with 6Pl amplifier tubes assembled.

Circuit see figure below: where B1, B2, and G, of R1, R2, and C2, and C3, C4, C5 are disassemble goods. The suspected machine within the power supply filter capacitor too bulky, so the other a TV filter capacitor. The the the L1 use 22mm enameled wire in the magnetic ring on the MX-2000 to around 100 turns. L2 determine the frequency of the radio transmitter. If the frequency is selected in the medium wave band, L2 optional 35mm enameled wire turns 30 +50 Polish bar magnet or optional 13mm enameled wire on 25mm paper tube tightly wound 90 turns. Such emission frequency falls between 550-1650kHz. If you choose the shortwave band, the L2 available 0.5mm enameled wire 16mm paper rolls around 9 turns. So constitute the oscillator frequency falls between 6 ~ 18MHz. C5 for a the air double, capacity 360pFx2. B1 is the original machine power transformer. The high-pressure part of the rectifier switch 4 IN4007. B2 is the original output transformer. C2, C3, the assumption that the machine demolition of the mica capacitor, wherein the C2, C3 withstand voltage is greater than 400V, preferably. R1, R2 can share cement resistors. Yak scattered power, the power of election ≥ IW. TX is the 1/4 antenna, the available section of thick wire instead of, 'the length of about the emission wavelength of 1/4. I choose 3mm, 8m long enameled wire. The entire circuit is mounted without the use of copper clad laminates, the direct use of a plastic wood, on which the drill. Holes, scaffolding welding can be. Good components, installed circuit will start-up, start-up G be able to see the light blue of the electron flow, accompanied by "hissing" sound. If conditional, do a simple Strength Meter, by adjusting the R2 field strength maximum. The antenna by insulators mounted vertically on the wall. Connected to the antenna input in the B2 at the audio signal of about 5W, and will pull away the distance of a radio transmitter, the radio should be able to clearly receive the signal, the degree of distortion is not obvious. The hum is too large, the ground can be solved if the launch. In measured, transmit power 4.5W large, so the experiment must comply with the relevant provisions of the National Authority.


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