DIY make FM transmitter control circuit Fault Maintenance Equipment

First, the principle and function of plant maintenance

Diagram as shown below, the figure, K, Kl ~ K10 are small toggle switch. Kl ~ K4 provides power operation of the corresponding analog signal is sampled, the corresponding green indicator light VO ~ V3. K5 ~ K10 provides mechanical failure or overload the sampling signal, normal light-emitting diode V4 ~ V9 are not bright. V10 ~ V15 power control commands to control the small box. V is the +12 V power indicator. V0 ~ V3 that start after power to issue the corresponding command, close the corresponding sampling switch, and monitoring to the appropriate analog sampled signal.

Second, the test device operation

1 test device steps

(1) Remove the control box from the machine, plug in the access control device signal box CTl9 outlet. Before start check K, Kl ~ K4. Should be in "OFF" position, K5 ~ K10 should be playing in the "off" position, that position the machine to work. K placed in the "ON" position, power indicator light. Voltmeter V head count to normal. Local control box panel, door switch, high voltage chain green indicator light (with normal power in the machine as shown).

(2) the control box power switch S3 to the "STANDBY" position, this time to issue instructions to open the fan.

Maintenance on the device panel LED V10 (green) light, momentary toggle switch Kl contacts will be placed in the wind "ON" position. The control box panel light contacts the upper hand. Contacts in the wind switched on Kl, l block commands issued to open filament, bias command, this time on the device panel overhaul "light l", "bias" green light V1l, V12 light. Control circuit delay 3 seconds, "light 2" indicator lights V13. Control the voltage meter on the box instructions. At this point the filament, bias monitoring signal switches K2, K3 to "ON" position, control the next step. When the filament heating after 5 minutes, the control box of the STANDBY indicator lights on the panel (prepared on the high-pressure block). (3) When the STANDBY lamp lights after. S3 to the "ON" position, this time a high voltage is l block instruction issue, that is, maintenance equipment, "High 1" indicator lights V14. The control box after a delay of 3 seconds. Instructions issued on the high voltage block 2, that maintenance on the device panel indicator light V15. At this point the high-voltage monitoring signal switch K4 to "ON" position. This is the maintenance device simulation start the whole process. Shows the control box to run properly. In addition, the control box there are about nature, reflected power sampling. If you use an RF cable from the machine or other equipment of the machine's RF monitoring port sampling, can also maintenance RF signal control circuit, otherwise.

No RF control box which led to the incident light sampling.

2 steps off equipment maintenance

Shutdown and boot operating instructions and instructions with the opposite.

(1) first sampling switch K4 high pressure maintenance device set "OFF" position. Control box and then switch S3 the "STANDBY" position, turn off high voltage.

(2) the maintenance of the filament and the bias voltage monitoring device signal switch K3, K2 to "OFF" position, the control box switch S3 back to "OFF" position.

(3) S3 to "OFF" position. Wind on the access device to monitor the signal switch contacts to play the "OFF" position, wait 5 minutes after the time delay device automatically turns off the light wind contacts.

(4) turn off the power switch K.

Third, the application examples

[Example 1] at boot time, the control box switch S3 from the "OFF" position shift "STANDBY" position, the fan does not start, the exclusion of fan power and fan no damage outside.

Can determine the fault in the control box fan control part. Use of maintenance equipment in the machine under repair. Even a good tester, the S3 the "STANDBY" position. V10 is no indication the fan power command. The control box of K9 does not pull. According to open-air control diagram, measure the level of each manifold value. Can determine the fault lies.

[Example 2] When the power switch S3 in the "SANDBY" position, if the filament bias voltage of the header table or no reading. Even a good tester, the S3 placed "STAND-BY" position. Open air command normal (V10 light), the fan switch Kl is closed sampling signal, the maintenance device, such as bias, filament l command lights V12, V1l does not shine. This failure to determine the bias control circuit in the filament. If the V12, Vll and V13 command does not shine lights on the control box and "SANDBY" indicator does not light (delay 5 minutes) to determine the failure occurred in the pre-heating and high pressure to prepare the circuit.


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