Fun new toy to start: the finished low-power FM radio transmitters briefing


    Commence the story, rather long.


      Today, a year when established, to recall their own childhood and young age is already dreaming of the dream has its own radio station, flying in the broadcast radio waves and hai soar


A child, grew up in rural radio stations, the mother is the administrator of the transmitting station and the telephone switching system, out of ignorance but emission from this broadcasting system forged understand the source, do the homework table and small bench next to, that is, high-power radio transmitting antenna, that is, grew up in such a strong electromagnetic wave RF signal environment from an early age, for me, this is when their children the most carefree, happy childhood.


Grew up in this high-energy radio frequency electromagnetic environment for a long time, the PA do not believe that the daily ordinary electromagnetic signals made ​​hazards on the human body, except for close-up water arrangements vibration frequency band, and I never feel less than the electromagnetic signal will health and life change change, childhood, has good health, in addition to the mother more than a few dollars a month for the money, the so-called high-frequency environmental subsidies, but also nothing wrong with it, this is my life, It's my life!




Third grade, when, and often pleaded with him to my father took me to the neighboring cities of Guangzhou, to go, it is interesting to most places in addition to the major parks of the Southern Building, where the times the South Building, sell the latest and most unusual things, not only day-to-day department store supplies, stationery, books and, strange to や ma wa boat tail machine (YAMAHA) and various types of boats, boats, motorcycles are sold, of course, have different styles stations, vehicle-mounted walkie-talkie, handheld walkie-talkie to sell different classes of different styles, but also remember to buy walkie-talkie is issued units that the official seal to buy in front of this cabinet, a father full placed by the lowest price to highest, closest to the maximum distance has; if you look not quite like the industrial and mining enterprises clerk, not to mention the hospitality, shop assistant or even the end of eye do not see you, of course, which the white eye Well, I naturally throw a lot, so they grow up Well, just skinned thick to friends, not even wrong, who told me was old like YY they can have a radio how good the car units was $ 2xx, hand 1xx are made fine, so every time the South Building, in addition to the fresh play outside, but also inevitably in before where walkie-talkie counter for a few minutes, nothing special, is the forehead close to the glass of the window, stay stay at the radio, watching the price tag on with a ballpoint pen that says: "What type corresponds to the communication distance: 3 km Yeah, 5 km, 10-20 km. Fantasy to own it and touch it the feeling of fantasy if you have it, you can let Mother living in the city of Guangzhou, far away in rural areas can call at any time, fantasy, and three teams of students, children chat, at any time (in rural areas have a different distribution of the Task Force address) mind is always Yang bubbling endless joy, of course, more than the demeanor of YY childhood was, in fact, the expression of course, is a spectacle one hundred Estuary stop Bear-like friends.


The boys are always full of boundless enthusiasm, desire and fantasy of their favorite things, led me to contact the father of the social and the real world how can I do not know? Dad was no spare cash to have no special relationship and ability to get the unit to prove that I realize what the dream is to go, but I think a very good alternative to complete a dream, although not directly equivalent to the radio walkie-talkie, but At least let me have the most emotional awareness and satisfaction, the father thought for me to buy one was free photos free to prove that you can get the FM radio frequency wireless microphone, since then, I finally stepped into a life capable of firing Wireless signal device time.


In the FM broadcast radio, I try to use a different approach, the production of different voices, so the pen FM radio wireless microphone to pick up, and then recorded on tape; try to turn the radio volume is turned wide open, placed in in the garden, and then he left it farther and farther, to see if I can launch a long distance, until the father stood beckoned to a lost signal.


Later, some incomplete knowledge of radio books, know the impact of the antennas on the transmitting distance and weight, try to dismantle the wireless microphones, connected to the claw on the TV antenna and the middle of which circle the antenna to the other side buildings to test the distance. Although I know this is just an alternative, but have Since then my heart will be buried under their own be able to launch a far more avail Radio dream, and desire to one day own voice, to produce their own music programs through radio frequency the air broadcasts, so that friends and family around to listen to the radio in my dream, and wireless transmitters, broadcasting since then had a close relationship.


Unfortunately, two on the 5th battery-powered wireless microphone is destined not to realize their dreams of 15 and 20 m distance in difficult years, able to own, has been a great happiness, and later, a number of reasons, damage, father again at the Guangzhou Department Store to buy me a new wireless microphone, and this difference is that one can wear in the chest wireless chest microphone, and perhaps more advanced technology, has been launched into nearly 30 - distance of 40 meters, using only a 5 batteries, thanks to the party and thank state leaders brought me the happiness of childhood. Recall every day after school, climbed up which is uneven, the risk is very stairs to reach the height radio station homework day, accompanied by the day and broadcast wireless transmitting station and telephone exchange, recalling turn on the radio to listen to medium wave, short wave broadcast day, this is the most pure and happy childhood.


Grow up with the continuous development of the work environment and national, social, and soon with their own savings and to persuade family members, in exchange for their favorite in a long time radio, truly their own radio station, and obtain a nationally recognized amateur radio operating certificate . Childhood which wireless microphones launch day, as now the hearts of the most unforgettable moments, although the dream fired by the broadcast segment, as early as in the radio part-time work has been finished, but the dream of their own radio station is still immortal eventually become a prosperous branch outside the hobby of amateur radio communication was gradually shelved, but in recent years a growing number of MD, MP3, all kinds of Walkman devices, as well as private car ownership, the amount of substantial increase in demand for and owned music equipment to connect the needs of the private car audio system, and intelligent R & D staff, found a common radio in the car, indirectly led to the emergence of micro-power FM radio transmitters, which is then FM wireless microphone the evolution of version, and even has built-in MP3 To this end, the signal line connecting the car audio are saved. Branch of which a loving heart, I re-mercilessly lit, my heart: "Do not want to micro-power" toys "the voice of this since he clothes, I want high performance, high frequency stability, variable-frequency, power equipment, FM stereo broadcasting of high quality of the finished product launch special equipment.




Hard work pays off, online to find a finished product FM radio transmitting equipment, the use of the finished product of a dedicated integrated circuit design, and then coupled with its own layout of the power amplifier able to output a stable 15W of RF power, R & D refers to the current productioncircumstances, can guarantee the stability of the power output of less than 10MHz bandwidth.


      Soon, things start to open the thick of packaging in our hands, carefully playing the first feeling is: the silver appearance of the FM transmitter, the PA do not like, no heavy black equipment to the professional feel, and weight also very light, no texture; appearance of the figure, as the appearance of the IC-2720H similar, but narrower, the transmission power of 15W design, and thus built-in forced cooling fan, the outlet hidden depression places on both sides of the transmitter enclosure; the most common 12-15 volt live power supply input interface, LCD frequency display and set two independent standard 3.5mm sockets for Line IN linear signal input and Mic IN microphone input, through two separate potential adjust the input modulation level; manufacturers took the order broadcast frequency band emission with the GP or car antenna, personally think that the advantage of the manufacturers to come forward do not need to worry about the order broadcast segment antenna antenna plant fuss, and even refused.



Breath, connection to a false load, continuous emission worked three days, the case temperature is maintained at only a little warm the extent and power output value does not change; stereo modulation of sound reduction, the only downside is the radioat maximum volume, in the absence of signal modulation in FM transmitter, listen carefully, there will be a slight noise.



The play of a PA is connected to a small mixer (called minor), from radio, computers, handheld computers, large condenser microphones and TV source connected to the "minor" for the switch at any time, Fade in / FadeOUT, ​​fun, can not tell, but without hands, and tried, I believe that only the text, is unable to pass and be understood.



GP base antenna and car antenna provided by the manufacturer, the price is not expensive, which is tens of dollars on nothing, but it is unusual is that the manufacturers original also Guangzhou, PA local added R & D personnel QQ askedN many things like this can provide technical support to manufacturers, at least, when problems emerge, some people can give you guidance and resolve Oh, PA to provide them with some of their own ideas, for example, very much hope to be able to producesuch as the Nikon WT-4 wireless photo transmitter of such products.



Traveling by car when the convoy of cars only need to turn on the radio, set to the same frequency will be able to receive the navigation vehicle information, this convenience, so that all travel friends do not need to increase the burden of any costAfter all, most of the time, two-way walkie-talkie communications in such environments are just answering.


Summary of a: beautiful appearance of the packaging as made ​​in China, but there are excellent and stable performance, multi-zone inside discrete shield, the PA value for money.


      The fun has always been relying on their hands to explore and create, there is no free lunch the Fallen from Heaven, but at least I know that I have and fight for power, why not, share long live.







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