How to make the FMUSER CP100 Circularly polarized FM Antenna works great ?

Good afternoon, I finally got the CP 100 installed, used matching stub and everything worked great…VSWR 1.2 to 1.1….not bad…Sounds wonderful…If anyone else has a problem with VSWR…remind them to be sure antenna is at least a half wave from ground and if necessary they can use coaxal cable and either connect to the bolt at the insulator and ground the shield to the antenna using a hose clamp, and be sure to tape all connects to water proof…or they can do what I did…First I adjusted the antenna to the lowest possible VSWR and next connect a “T” connector to the coax feeding antenna the other VSWR problem…One little problem with the antenna is the clamp that slides….clamp sometimes does not make a good electrical connection… Your antenna meets or exceeds your advertising…. Great antenna for the price…the instruction book that comes with the antenna does not match antenna…Antenna id built better than the one in the instruction book…Larry Bleigh Broadcast Engineer…well satisfied with antenna…

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