Interference with international shortwave broadcasts

The long history of interference with international shortwave broadcast. I remember my elementary school to listen to the radio often wonder why some of the short-wave frequency, there will be some funny noises? It is different from the general murmur is a fixed frequency. That time will appear every day, rain or shine and holidays absolutely without a break, I asked her how it was going, The grandmother said gravely: "to interfere with the 'enemy'." At the time, I still do not quite understand What is the so-called "enemy units. Grandma just told me that absolutely can not listen to the radio, or bad, will be heard later taken away by the police uncle. Young I'ma do not understand this truth, but in addition to the fear of "captured" the addition of a little more interest in the mystery of the "enemy units.

Later, they grow up to know, the so-called "enemy units" refers to the VOA, BBC, NHK and other countries of the international radio stations. These countries in ideology and social systems, there are fundamental differences with China, they broadcast with their political color, so called "enemy". This was a continuation of the Cold War mentality. With the reform and opening up and the progress of society, the "enemy units" have been thrown off their veil of mystery, most Chinese people listened to the radio more or less all heard these stations. Of course, heard after the discovery, in fact, they did not so terrible legend. Just an ordinary radio stations. I learned from listening to the international broadcast many books to school not knowledge, but also understand the customs of many other countries, the most important thing is: I have learned to look at the problem from a different angle, independent thinking, rather than led by the nose by the media, access to information from a variety of sources of information and draw their own conclusions, and finally by thinking. So, I think the shortwave international broadcasting is a helpful and beneficial.

However, due to various reasons. China has not yet lifted the interference of enemy units. However, it is worth mentioning is that the interference way more "humane". The zoom power murmur purely from the year, and the change is the same of the Central People's Radio frequency interference, and later evolved into the "folk music" interference. Be seen as the cause of China's modernization gradually push forward China's interference with international broadcasting technology is a step by step improved. It is said that the "folk music" interfere with the system now, military radio interference from the French high-priced purchase of equipment, can also be seen from that point, the Chinese authorities Ken interference "enemy units" under the original capital, indomitable spirit and drive.

Shortwave international broadcasting may not be familiar friends do not understand to interfere is how to achieve, I brief look.

All countries in the short-wave radio from their emission signals to the areas covered, of course, if distant, such as the transmission signal from the United States to China will certainly distance attenuation, so these distant countries will broadcast purpose countries around the establishment of a transit station. That is, they increase the strength of the signal, so that the broadcast destination country audience can clearly receives a signal. Of course, each radio station has its own frequency, short wave frequency because of the weather generally summer and winter is different, it is not always fixed. China is how to interfere with it? Is actually very simple, you can put the same radio frequency interference noise or "folk". Because domestic interference with radio transmitting stations are definitely in the domestic and international shortwave radio station transmitting stations are generally located in a foreign country, so, due to the interference signal is strong, the "foreign voices" stand in the country outside the door so it is not a a very difficult thing. (In addition to the interference of foreign "enemy units, even an integral part of our motherland -" island of Taiwan, "the radio station were able to escape this fate.)

In accordance with the agreement of the International Broadcasting Commission, each signatory countries must not interfere with or destroy other countries broadcast. China was also signed the agreement, but did not stop the interference of foreign shortwave broadcasts. Therefore, every year was the protest of some countries, but it seems that these protests to no avail. Over the years China instead spend millions to purchase of France advanced equipment updating the interference system, which had confusing. However, due to the jamming equipment purchased from France, naturally, just like France signed agreement without interference only Radio France Internationale. So now we are at home to clear listen to not interfere with the Radio France International.

It should be noted that China is not interfering with all the short-wave broadcasts. Such as some political overtones strong radio interference. Australia CVC Chinese Radio.

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