Let me tell you how to make the mini fm stereo transmitter

The use of this dedicated FM stereo transmitter IC chip BHl416F, compact machine, 5V single power supply, the whole current of 31mA; can be used for stereo wireless microphone, CD sound source emission or low-power FM stereo radio.

BHl416F is an FM stereo transmitter IC, with the following features: Built-in pre-emphasis, limiter, LPF circuit, excellent sound quality; integrated into the stereo pilot signal from the signal of the full circuit; the use of PLL frequency synthesizer, transmitter frequency is stable ; PLL oscillation frequency from the four I / O pin is set in the range of 70MHz ~ 120MHz step 100kHz to set, up to 14 frequency points; operating voltage 4V ~ 6V; audio bandwidth of 20Hz ~ 15kHz.

See the whole circuit drawings. Op amp IC2a and IC2b respectively, for R, L channel microphone amplifier, magnification 11, the gain 20.8dB.

Stereo audio signals and microphone signals are sent from the IC2c, d consisting of mixed-level, and then input to the ICl.

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