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    1W power FM radio transmitter

    Idle is idle, it is better to be a 1W power FM radio transmitter
    Yue Qi transmitter like to make, insects that the most complete version of extended light FOLLOW ME RADIO is said to have hundreds of years, Oh, really ah?
    But his words, etc., who know that something of these years? Of little help in thirst, as self-reliance now do it.
    Taiwan FM transmitter make this rather special, not carved a circuit board, there is no circuit has no access to the second and third if the wrong welding equipment on OK and then how one can reach 600MW power over how, interest, right?



    1: The oscillation level with "Colpitts" oscillator circuit that though it is also LC oscillation, but the LC nor that LC, can not, and the stability of other FM circuit confused, hand touched or people close to the point of run frequency of the condition that no matter.
    Oscillation of a tube by the 2SC1907 completed, COILA and above it, and left the decision of the circuit 10PF common fundamental frequency. Tone completed by the varactor diode, but also through a 47 - 270K of resistance to it with a threshold voltage, linear point would be better. "Colpitts" oscillator stability, thanks to the graph that 33PF, it will be a key part and the other circuit LC relative "isolation" open to.
    2: After Class C2053 C1970 buffer selective frequency amplifier, 1W output impedance of exactly when the C1970 is about 50 Euro, Oh, impedance matching circuit are saved. Back COILC and capacitance are "pass-band filter", so they're calling too much clutter.
    3: The circuit board PCB How to do that? Assembly diagram to see why one center box yet? It is actually double the PCB board with a small piece of cut blocks, side, and fixing motherboards welded shut when the other side take the welding parts, anyway, not many spare parts, must not it?
    4: all parts of the parameter values do not mistake short legs get enough points, go on-line welding, high frequency of small ceramic capacitors to use the kind of red dot, green, what other parameters not accurately check the welding finished no mistakes can be energized the.
    Do I remember before the power cord to the antenna termination to load the root, or else C1970 remember it later on the burn! What a power meter or other instrument to adjust better and better, If not, find a light bulb to 1.25V75MA the kind of low voltage small current, + - Extremely then the length of the wire around the root 60CM round ended up close to the transmitter. Debugging is relatively simple, direct power, the total current should be less than 300MA, bulbs are bright, basic OK, all circuits need to be adjusted only COILB and C, adjust the target, the brightest light bulb.

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    FMUSER Wirless Transmit Video And Audio More Easier !

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