A simple and effective short-wave antenna amplifier circuit

You do not look this amplifier is simple, if you go to test the latter, after you really surprised to find it very effective. Here is the schematic of this amplifier circuit:



From the circuit diagram can understand, this amplifier is the outdoor type, Figure 1 line installed outdoors, the amp's main line; Figure 2 is the indoor power line box. Indoor and outdoor use between 50 ohm or 75 ohm coaxial cable to connect ...
The circuit schematic, here without further ado, because it is very simple. Following a brief talk about how to make.


Figure 3, Figure 4 is the amplifier circuit board, and Figure 3 is the main circuit board, the actual size is 6.4 cm × 2.4 cm; Figure 4 is a circuit board power supply box, the actual size of 5.1 cm × 3.1 厘米 ...
Good circuit board in Figure After processing, followed by selecting components, circuit in Figure 1, L1 with the color code 1uH inductance, resistance and capacitance values ​​selected according to the diagram, transistor low noise high quality ultra-high-frequency control, in addition to the figure of 9018 , you can also use 9016,1359 and so on, L2 winding with waste in the week, the week of the original wire diameter with the same number of laps for the 300 laps, D1, D2 is light, but also for regulators to use. Figure 2 circuit in Figure 1 in the L1 with the L2 as the production, use 100mA fuse on it, with the other components are the same as in Figure 1, click the image selection.
There is no problem as long as the selection of components, welding is completed, the amplifier that can work ...


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